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U.S. Lattice Cuts with Myanmar Crispy Chili

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Ingredients for U.S. Lattice Cuts with Myanmar Crispy Chili:

  • U.S. Basket Weave (Lattice) Cut Fries : 300g
  • Chili Flakes : 15g
  • Chili Powder : 3g
  • Garlic, Sliced : 20g
  • Curry Leaves : 2g
  • Cooking Oil : 300ml
  • Salt : 3g
  • Spring Onion : 5g
  • Lime : 1pc
  • White Sugar : 5g

Ingredients for Golden Sticky Rice:

  • Sticky Rice : 200g
  • Water : 200ml
  • Onion, Sliced : 20g
  • Garlic, Sliced : 2pcs
  • Ginger, Julienned : 10g
  • Turmeric Powder : 2g
  • Peanuts with Red Skin : 20g
  • Dried Anchovies : 20g
  • Salt : 5g
  • White sugar : 5g


Instructions for U.S. Lattice Cuts with Myanmar Crispy Chili
1. For crispy chili: Shallow fry garlic with curry leaves for 3 minutes, then add chili powder
and chili flakes until fragrant. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Fry the U.S. lattice cuts until you achieve the desired texture. Mix with crispy chili, then
garnish with spring onion and a lime slice. Serve with Golden Sticky Rice.
Instructions for Golden Sticky Rice
1. Wash and strain the sticky rice. Prepare mise en place.
2. Add 30 ml of cooking oil to a non-stick pan. Shallow fry the onion, garlic, ginger, and
turmeric powder for a few minutes. Add the sticky rice and sauté with medium heat
until properly coated with oil, then pour in the water and stir slowly. Cover with a lid
and cook for 20-25 minutes.
3. Deep fry the anchovies, then the peanuts. Season the peanuts with salt. Serve with the
sticky rice.


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