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U.S. Instant Mashed Potato – Tea Leave Samosa, Mango & Mint Yogurt Sauce

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1.) Prepare U.S. Mashed Potatoes

  • U.S. Instant Mashed Potatoes : 1 cup
  • Hot Water : 1 quart
  • Salt : 1 tsp

2.) For the 3 Different U.S. mashed potato - Samosa mixes

  • Pickled Tea Leaves Mixed with Crispy Fried Beans : 65g
  • Small Chopped Chili : 2chili
  • Cooked Beans (best from Myanmar morning market, from "Bae Thamnin Beans") : 100g
  • Cooked Saltwater Prawns, peeled and cut into cubes : 100g
  • Fresh Coriander : 20g
  • Ready-to-use Spring Roll or Samosa Sheets : 15pcs
  • Corn Starch : 1tbsp
  • Cold Water : 2tbsp
  • Peanut Oil : 1ltr



1.) Prepare U.S. Mashed Potatoes

  • Place the U.S. instant mashed potato powder in a bowl and add the hot water slowly while
    stirring with a strong whisk. When the mixture is smooth, stir well for 3 to 5 minutes until fluffy.
  • Divide the U.S. instant mashed potatoes into three small bowls.

2.) For the 3 Different U.S. mashed potato – Samosa mixes

  1. Add each item into separated mashed potato bowls and mix well. We have 3 different
    samosa mixes: 1) picked tea leaves with mashed potatoes, 2) chilli and fried beans with
    mashed potatoes, 3) prawn and chopped coriander with mashed potatoes.
  2. Place the samosa sheets on the table and place one spoonful of mix on each sheet. Fold
    from left corner to right corner in a triangle shape. At the end, brush on a bit of cornstarch
    water as glue and close the samosa. Place all samosas on a tray and put aside.
  3. Heat up the peanut oil in a pot and fry samosas until golden.


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